? The Coca Coal is considering to improve the sustainability of its products by reusing its recycled material in creation of bottles. It is criticized on the ground that this response is half-hearted as it represents the rectification of organization’s brand image. The distinctive bottles of Coca Cola are already washed up at the seashores (Sauven, 2017).
? It is thought that a threat to Coca Cola is that consumers sense the sustainability attempt of Coca Cola as greenwashing through which company is trying to cover up its non-environmental behavior, therefore, it’s a boycott is likely (Mahoney et al., 2013).
? The main rival of Coca Cola is Pepsi. Pepsi is currently working to prioritize its premium products as well as it is also establishing a huge ecommerce platform. It is a different strategy adopted by the Pepsi as compared to the Coca Cola that may be a threat to Coca Cola company as Pepsi might catch more visibility of its brand (Gee, 2017).