After these victories

After these victories, Arnold won every competition he took part in until 1975. Then he decided to pursue an acting career, however, in 1980 he went back for one more time and won his last Mr. Olympia title. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the most successful bodybuilder in the world; he won a lot of competitions, among them five Mr. Universe and seven Mr. Olympia titles. Just Ronnie Coleman (Bodybuilder) and Lee Haney (Bodybuilder) won more Mr. Olympia titles than Arnold Schwarzenegger. Both won eight Mr. Olympia titles. Ronnie Coleman won his titles one after the other, from 1998-2005. This shows that everything is possible if you work hard enough for it, if you think positive and focus on your goal. Arnold Schwarzenegger was a guy like everyone else, but then he came to a point in his life that made him change everything when he did not want to be like everyone else.