Algebra is one of branches of mathematical

Algebra is one of branches of mathematical, and it made by Persian mathematician in early 9th century. These mathematicians established algebra alike to today algebra. they could solve their problems by making formulas and equations (1) algebra deals with properties of operations that we called elementary algebra. Algebra follows the study of Arithmetic which is involved with wholes numbers, and solving equation, also putting letters to stand for numbers that are either unidentified or acceptable to take on many values, called abstract algebra (2). Algebra is truly required in our everyday life. We use from Numbers and equations in nearly wherever in the world. applications of real life algebra are numerous, such as algebra in fields of engineering, science, economy, and every aspect of our life. Beside of these fields of algebra, it can help our mind to think logically (3), (4). following is some of application of algebra in real life, business, and science: