In ‘The Club’

In ‘The Club’, numerous characters use their power to give orders and remain respected. Gerry’s uses his power as the administrator of the club in a way of persuasion in order to give orders and still be admired. “Could we steer this discussion back to fruitful areas? Danny, I think we’ve got the players’ point of view now, thankyou.” (pg.13) The use of rhetorical question in ‘could we steer this discussion back to fruitful areas?’ suggests that Gerry is able to give an order in a friendly and reasonable way, which has an end result of him being respected. Laurie also achieves this as coach of the team. Through this position, he uses his power to get people to do as he says and handle things the right way. “Clear out and let me talk to him.” (pg.38) Stage directions are powerfully used through Laurie speaking calmly for him to gain dignity from the board members and players. Power can be used humbly in order for an individual to give orders and maintain respect.