The stated reasons by South Carolina to secede were

The stated reasons by South Carolina to secede were: 1.The northern states were failing to return fugitive slaves, in violation of their obligations under Article Four of the constitution. 2.The Northern states tolerated abolitionists and insurrectionists (such as John Brown) who incited slaves in the South to rebel. 3. Misguided political and religious beliefs in the North made future sectional unity impossible. 4.Some states were elevating persons “incapable of becoming citizens” (i.e. free blacks) and using their votes to support anti-slavery policies. 5. The republican Party was planning to wage war against slavery upon taking office in March 1861. These reasons formed the major part justifying secession. But South Carolina was not really justified because they were only in favor of state’s rights when it protected the institution of slavery and in favor of federal power when it protected slavery