The word robots comes from a Czech word robot which means forced labor

The word robots comes from a Czech word robot which means forced labor. In the first century the great Engineer heron of Alexandria was honored for creating the initial steam engine which was designed intriguing automatons and also has the ability to speak. In 1945, a sketch drawn by the artist Leonardo da Vinci , a mechanical knight which could sit up and its arms and legs, was considered to be the first idea for a humanoid robot. In 1948 England in Bristol , the evolution of electronic autonomous robots was created by William Grey Walter in Bristol and in 1954 George Devol make the first commercial, digital and programmable robot and named that Unimate. The unimate was sold in 1961 to general motors and at the Inland Fisher Guide plant in the west Trenton section of Ewing Township, New Jersey where they used the robot to raise the items of hot metal from die casting machines.
Over the years the humanlike machines and robots have become extremely popular in society and become familiar characters through the books, movies and televisions shows. This popularity of robots and machines shows that people are believes that droids will one day walk with us as a helper and even as companions . Nowadays robots play a important role in industries where one robot works for every 10 employees in automobile manufacturing industries.