Time was the hero of Lee Toland Krieger’s film

Time was the hero of Lee Toland Krieger’s film: “The age of Adaline” directed in 2015. The movie’s theme is related to a complicated love with the manipulation of time by a supernatural energy. A lot of people while ageing, wish to stay young forever, but “The Age of Adaline” shuds the lights and shows us the dangers and problems behind the immortality and eternal youth. The ups and downs of the plot are explored in an effective and moving way. Due to a freak car accident causes Adaline Bowman to stop aging at the age of 29. This car wreck causes a scientific reaction in her chromosomes that were altered by the interaction of hypothermia and high-voltage electrical shock. The movie shows us the Adaline’s melancholy due to her case. The movie also give us the appraisal of the importance of aging